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Washington Bookkeeping Services offers one stop Accounting solutions for Non Profits

Washington Bookkeeping Services is pleased to launch a one-stop accounting service for non-profits in and around Washington.

“We understand that nonprofit organizations want to pursue activities and tasks that address the need for the society. These organizations serve in a range of sectors, including religion, education, social services, commerce, arts, education and health. Though our one-stop accounting solutions for non-profits, we make sure these organizations can answer their donors, grant issuers and also the Financial Accounting Standards Board,” said Washington Bookkeeping Services.

Why non-profits need professional bookkeeping services?
Many non-profit organizations do not realize that their accounting needs vary from for-profit organizations. They need specialist services that take into consideration their tax exempt status, but still ensure their books are maintained seamlessly. This is especially true since nonprofits do not have commercial owners, and rely solely on membership, program revenues, contributions, private and government grants, fundraising, and investment income. Hence, all sources of funds, regardless of their origin, have to be meticulously maintained and balanced.

If a nonprofit organization does not opt for a specialist accounting service, it may find its books and ledgers in disarray which could attract penalties or loss of contributors and donors. The risk is too great to undertake.

Why Washington Bookkeeping Services aligns well to the needs of non-profits?
Washington Bookkeeping Services has been serving non-profit organizations in Washington and surrounding areas for over many years. “We have the expertise, resources, knowledge and know-how to offer seamless accounting solutions that we have specifically designed for non-profit organizations,” said Washington Bookkeeping Services.

Washington Bookkeeping Services handles all aspects of the accounting, right from making sure there are no omissions or errors to mandatory disclosures for contributors and donors. This ensures accuracy and also gives the non-profit organization peace of mind that its accounting is always up-to-date.

“We are proud to state that we offer affordable accounting solutions for non-profits. Washington Bookkeeping Services realizes that non-profit organizations wouldn’t like to splurge and this is the reason we have created economical solutions that are apt for non-profits,” said the representative from Washington Bookkeeping Services.

Washington Bookkeeping Services provides itemized expenses across all areas, and this is requirement by the IRS. This helps the organization allocate expenses to functional areas and programs, as the services aids with creation of cost allocation plans. “This ensures non-profits get a clear picture of their finances and know how to plan for a program or activity. We use a combination of methods and can customize our accounting approaches to suit the needs of the non-profit,” stated Washington Bookkeeping Services.

“We invite non-profit organizations in Washington and its vicinity to contact us and let us explain our one-stop accounting solutions. They will realize once they use the services of Washington Bookkeeping Services, they won’t have to go anywhere else,”

About Washington Bookkeeping Services
Washington Bookkeeping Services is an outsourced service provider that offers a whole gamut of IT and back office services SMEs and large corporate and businesses. It offers highly specialized bookkeeping services as per the statutory and regulatory laws of the client geography. These services include payroll services, accounting services, online bookkeeping services, and tax preparation services. The company is a global organization, with operations spread across the U.S., the UK, the Middle East and India.

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