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Outsourced Bookkeeping Services Seven Questions to Ask Your Bookkeeper

Every small business owner feels that he or she is perfectly capable of handling bookkeeping and other accounting tasks on their own initially. But once the business starts growing, all of a sudden accounting tasks become too complex to handle and then they are faced with a dilemma. Should they opt for outsourced bookkeeping services?

When businesses start scaling up past their startup stage, sales start increasing too and so do employees. A small business owner will find himself pulled in many different directions and will find it difficult to achieve all his targets. Firms which provide bookkeeping services for small business can be a real godsend! But when looking around for superior bookkeeping services, prior homework needs to be done. Never settle for the first company which provides bookkeeping services for small business.

Proper research will have to be done just like before taking any other business decision. We have listed seven topics that should be researched before taking any business decisions regarding accounting firms. The main things to figure out are if the bookkeeping services firm is compatible with your company culture and possesses the appropriate qualifications and skills for handling various financial tasks like accounts and taxes. Washington Bookkeeping Services is one such bookkeeping service provider that has industry experienced team of accountants.

Things to check before hiring a financial accounting firm

1. What kind of accounting system they use?

It is essential that the bookkeeping services firm which is hired makes use of the same accounting system that is used by the company that hires them. Another thing to check is whether the accounting firm handles cash accounting or accrual accounting.

2. What industries they service?

Another important point is ensuring that they handle accounting for the same industry that their client’s business operates in. An experienced bookkeeping firm should be aware of the intricacies involved in the workings of that particular industry. Different organizations have access to various tax deductions and write-offs.

3. What qualifications they have?

It is imperative to only hire a bookkeeping services firm that employs financial experts of a certain standard and who possess excellent number crunching skills. Always check certifications, knowledge, working experience and qualifications in order to prevent your company from any legal trouble later on due to inaccurate financial records.

4. Do they provide continued support?

Check if they have a system in place to provide complete accounting work such as bookkeeping services, payroll processing and tax preparation services within deadlines even if the particular bookkeeper who is assigned the job has fallen sick and taken leave. Washington Bookkeeping Services has a large team of bookkeepers and accountants.

5. Can they give impressive references?

Checking references is always a good way to identify quality services. Besides interviewing their bookkeepers and asking questions to gauge their technical knowledge, it is always best to hear straight from another business owner about how beneficial the bookkeeping services for small business is.

6. Do they provide you with the correct financial advice?

Some accounting firms have a habit of just agreeing with whatever the client says even if they had financial advice which could have been valuable to the client.

7. Do they cover professional liability insurance?

Always ensure that the bookkeeping service provider has this professional liability insurance coverage. It basically helps to cover any omissions or errors which have been made with regard to tax forms. Having this insurance means the client is saved from having to pay fines for bookkeeping mistakes.

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